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Ramazan (Rami) Mukhambet, Wyte Tyson (Zach Hamman), and I have teamed up to create a unique collection of hip-hop and fusion that aims to tell a thought-provoking story. You'll hear Rami on the beat, all the way from Almaty, Kazakhstan, myself on guitar and vocal production, and Zach with the introspective lyrics that give you a glimpse into his world.

The concept for the album as with many other great art, starts with a woman. A woman who thought her man needed to find himself and return when he truly understood who he was. He set off for California and didn't look back. Along the way, he met a lot of colorful characters, people who would bring out the best in him and the worst in him. People that would lead him to the truth about who he truly was inside. With each story comes another city, another town in California, and another lesson learned, each with it's own flare and ambiance. When the protagonist returns back home, he's found himself. The question is: Does he run back to the arms of his girl, or does he realize that she never knew who he truly was to begin with. You'll just have to find out...

We are very excited to be diving full force into this project and hope to have some new singles released for you to listen to very soon!

In the meantime, keep a look out for sneak peaks on Snapchat and Instagram!

Stay Funky,


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Kyle Ervin

(540) 630-1734

Harrisonburg | Virginia

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